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Brian Staub and Phil Bagley 2013 USAPA National Champions

Brian Staub and Phil Bagley 2013 USAPA National Champions

Mens 35+ champions

Mens 35+ champions

Atlantic South Regional Champions



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  1. desmond hilton says:


    Thank you for the outstanding pickleball lesson and strategy insight you gave the three of us last Sunday. We practiced it all week at The Villages with great success. Since our return on Saturday, the rest of our pickleball group in St Louis has been anxious for us to show them what we learned during the lesson. We all look forward to changing how we approach the game in order to play at a higher level. And the time we spent with you will go a long way in us being more competitive at both the Missouri and Illinois State Games. I will need a refresher/progress lesson when I return in early March and will have Lynn contact you. Thanks again and good luck in your upcoming tournaments.


    • admin says:

      Glad yall enjoyed the lessons! Stay in touch and let me know how you do in the State Games. Look forward to seeing you again next time you make the trek to Florida!

  2. Keith Chapman says:

    Matt, any chance you make XXL t shirts (both white and orange)? Thanks, Keith

    PS Any chance you guys are coming to our tournament June 20-23, So Cal Classic?

    Named 4 best tourneys in the land!!!

  3. desmond hilton says:

    How do we order the lady’s shirts? They are not an option under “shop” on your website.

  4. Gary Janikula says:

    I’m new to The Pickleball Channel but not to Pickleball. I don’t know if you’ve covered this in the past but there are two 2 glaring problems that I see beginners and intermediate players doing. Trying to hit the ball too hard on almost every shot and hitting from the back court to the net man instead of the open court or the returner coming into the net. I tell them it is a suicide play to hit to the net man but they just scoff at the idea or ignore it completely.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the post Gary,
      Slowing the game down is paramount in order to take your skill to the next level. Some people may get away with hitting the ball hard at all times in lower level play, but at the highest levels it will put you in a bad position 9/10. The only time you should be hitting at the net man/woman is if you think you have an easy put away, otherwise you should keep your opponent pinned to the baseline as much as possible.

  5. Keith James says:

    Your new video about the third shot dropper to the kitchen is excellent. I changed my grip as you suggested, and visualized the same swing pattern I saw used by Brian and Matt. I found the visual diagram of the apex of the drop shot coming well before the net especially helpful. I played for two hours today and employed the new shot to fantastic effect. I was consistently getting all the way to the kitchen, and I often won points outright when opponents could not get to really good backspin droppers. This instruction elevated my game, making me almost exclusively a soft game player. Thank you both. Now how about a video explaining why the soft game will get players to the highest levels of pickleball play?

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